Capital Gains at London Marathon

Another wonderful London Marathon passes with many thousands of great stories, achievements, and more information about Mo Farah’s Ethiopian hotel bills than we probably need.

On a personal coaching level, the results across the board were almost enough to suggest I might be of some coaching use at the margins. 90% PB rating can’t be all bad, with the full house being ‘compromised’ by two guys running 2.29 on the day.

 At the sharper end, we had Will G, 2.24.18, a hard earned PB at age 44 placing 3rd V40 in the entire field.  He also bags a National Champs Gold medal as part of Serpentine men's team winning again at both UK and England level. Then followed Chris O, almost 4 minute advance to 2.26.03; Paul P and Martin O both very solid 2.29s and chased home by another 44 year old, Martin G edging his PB to 2.30.  Then came a swathe of big improvers: Jeremy A 2.42 (11 minutes); Daniele B 2.47 (6 minutes); Edward A 2.48 (7 minutes), Andy Y 2.51 (4 mins), Ciro 2.55 (4 minutes) and Guy H 3.01 (5 minutes).

Some cracking and pleasing women’s performances too -  Eve B 2.51 back to her best after some ongoing injury setbacks; Jacqueline O 3.04 ( 9 minutes); Jo B 3.21 (11 mins) at age 45; and Charlotte C 3.33 (17 mins) also in the V45s.

 Finally a ‘human interest’ one from Hamburg. A year ago Andy T, a virtual newbie whose aerobic base was built almost totally on cycling to and from work within London contacted me saying he ‘would like to break 3 hours next year and would be willing to consider running more than 3 times a week if this would be useful’. I won’t quote the exact words of my reply but think in terms of when Leicester won the Premiership – Andy could run between 2 and 3 miles at 3 hour marathon pace at that stage. Things moved on remarkably, although weight loss wasn’t a factor nor did Andy exceed 40mpw at any stage. 2.58.36 yesterday – and now he can return to normal family life!