Some of the wisest running advice comes from some of the sport’s most respected achievers and they express great wisdom very simply. Here are some basics:- Make the hard days […]

How the elites train

Elite Marathon Training What can we learn from how a top international level marathoner trains?  Here is an insight into the training of top Spanish endurance athlete, Fabian Roncero. How […]

Hill training

How can structured hill training work for you? Training on hills will:- Increase the efficiency of each stride Help to prevent injuries by strengthening the joints needed for free easy […]

10km racing

We’ve all had that dialogue with non-runners who have two concepts of racing distances. Marathon – very long and tough. 10k – short and simple, the distance of choice for […]

Strength and conditioning

This training element can combine any of the following, and all the permutations within each discipline Without going into detail in this website, a runner will run faster if, all […]

Stretching - for better or worse?

As it always crops up in runners' debate on how to fune tune their training, we'll sum up, simply but practically, the latest thinking as applied to athletics and, particularly, […]

Marathon Recovery

I've set put below the principles of how best to recover after a marathon. It's one of the few aspects of 'training' where I find that what seems optimum for […]

Injuries - Guidelines

I've set out below extracts on injury management and avoidance from my book.    Bear in mind that ‘overuse’ is a deliberately generic word that in running injury terms can […]

Marathon Menu

Here is a list of recommended marathons that cover the UK, Europe and indeed the world. I have coached people who have done all these races and they all have […]

Half Marathon Menu

There's an ever growing array of half marathons on offer. These are long tough distances for anyone and particularly if you don't have some years of training under your belt. […]

Running at or around Marathon Pace

This often comes up in exchanges with runners. What is often shown in some of the glossy mags (which I believe are shrink wrapped on newsstands so you don’t see […]

Marathon Taper

Here are a few guidelines; certainly not exhaustive, and indeed not looking at anything outside the actual running,  but intended to put right some of the slightly off-beam advice that […]

Marathon – Deciding Goal Pace

I always make this is one of the key themes to address at a Flying Coach visit.  There’s, in my view, less need to go into the science beyond some […]

Marathon training

How Simple Can We Make It? Back in 2008 there was a UK Athletics Marathon Squad weekend where the then UKA Head of Endurance - with various Olympic medallists on his coaching […]
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