Fall Wrap Up - 11 December 2019

Late autumn has brought another swathe of fine runs.

Starting at the Telford 10k, after the Leeds Abbey Dash was found to be a painful 23 metres short (‘course landscape’ in the organisers’ bizarre terminology), Will Green regrouped and ran a storming 30.30, 4th fastest EVER by a UK V45, and was backed up by Martin O’ Connell, also PB’ing with a fine 31.24.

 On the marathon agenda, 1 December was noteworthy. Nick Impey set things rolling in Fukuoka, the Japanese classic, where in warmish weather he took down his PB to 2.28.34. A few hours later was the increasingly massive Valencia event. Coachees were led home by Paul Piper, a 2 minute PB and club record, with a tremendously well-judged 2.23.45. Then came Serpie newbie Fabio G, his equally even-paced 2.33  a 17 minute improvement. Adrian H advanced 7 minutes to 2.56 with Becky M setting a super debut time of 2.58.09 – nice way to start her marathoning.  The PB crew was filled out by Sophie Raworth, given the weekend off BBC election coverage, advancing 3 minutes to 3.27 and clubmate V60 Bob E a few strides behind, his 3.27 a 6 minute PB.

This weekend was bookended by San Sebastian, a week prior, where piano prodigy Yllka I took home a 4 minute PB with 3.19, and  a week later at Goodwood Jack B clicked everything into place after some training ‘doubts’ with a 4 minute progression to 2.50, first V40 in the race.  Others within small margins of their bests were Edward A with 2.50 in Valencia and Ciro with 2.58 in Florence. Other PB setters include Harry P, a 5 minute Half marathon improvement to 83.00 and at 10k Nathalie C and Cara H both stealthily advancing into mid 41 minute territory.

And don’t mention those shoes………