Winter Racing - 16 February 2022

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February 16, 2022

Winter Racing - 16 February 2022

Late autumn and early winter was a kind of evolving state of limbo in the world of Covid and Races, with many races going ahead either on their planned dates or on dates postponed from the spring, but a few others being further postponed. At the time of writing much of the world has got to some sort of grips with Omicron and society in many nations is edging towards normality.

Some notable results from those who raced though, with many PBs across the racing distances. Chris Oddy made a big advance in Valencia with a swift 2.22.40 whilst Paul piper ran 2.26.30, strong but not quite matching his April effort. The previous week Jeremy Agnew headed to the Philadelphia marathon and brought his PB down to 2.39.06 super running at age 46. 

On the same day in Dorney Johnny A ran a breakthrough 2.57 marathon, a PB by 10 minutes. Also logging a new PB was Ben M ,with 3.17 in Plymouth shortly before Christmas.

Cara P ran her best race at any distance with 63.27 at the hilly St. Albans 10 miles in January. Over the half marathon new coachee Kurtis G ran a solo 67.45 to win by a country mile in Dorney and followed that up with 24.18 for 5 miles and a 14.46 road 5k amidst some strong cross country results. Fine progress too by George H, taking swathes of time from his 10k time now down to 34.42 and similarly Dom B has progressed to 34.52 (which is 8 minutes advance over 10k in 2.5 years) and 76.30 for half marathon    Isaac Leigh has brought his PBs down to 34.13 and 74.05 over winter as he builds to his next marathon.

Whilst over in Madeira Sonia M has been racing strongly and picking up various V40 wins on road and trail. James S continues to progress consistently, his 83.50 at Farnborough Half showing a 9 mins improvement in about 8 months. Fine parkrun PB by Bernadette M breaking a big barrier with 19.46.after many many dozens of parkruns over recent years, whilst similarly getting back to her better form after a traumatic injury Sekai Z is now sub 20 for 5k as she looks to a spring marathon.  


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