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Hill training

How can structured hill training work for you?

Training on hills will:-

  • Increase the efficiency of each stride
  • Help to prevent injuries by strengthening the joints needed for free easy running movement    (always provided you build up the hills’ gradients and intensity very gradually)
  • Develop aerobic capacity (especially longer hill reps)
  • Develop anaerobic capacity (especially mid-length hills)
  • Develop power (especially short hills)  

To help illustrate this, I have included some suggested sessions below. There’s no harm in combining different options within the same session, provided that you understand what the purpose of the session is; that you don’t just stick to your ‘favourite’ session which may result in neglecting weaker areas of your performance, and that the relative balance of volume and intensity is sensibly suited to the rest of your training plan.

Click below for some hill training advice...

Hill training advice

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