15 July - When Running Goes Beyond Running

Saw 'Salute' today, a film about the famous Black Power salute on the medal podium in the Mexico City Olympics in 1968. It's one of sport's most stirring images, the two American sprinters, face down, black gloved hand raised, shoeless, wearing black socks and wearing loose bead necklaces to symbolise the ropes used for lynching in the Southern States where they had their roots. From an athletics viewpoint, the most powerful thing is that in what is an athlete's greatest moment of individual achievement, with the world watching to celebrate their success, they took the decision to show the world something that went far deeper.  Even now, the political import of what they did carries a higher profile of what they achieved on the track, and, as the film brings out, the black speed and power based athletes from the Class of '68 were an astonishingly gifted crew, with performances that over 40 years later would still be right at the top of the world lists.