June 20 - Bedford

At Bedford for the UKA Under 20 and Under 23 championships. A large part of the GB Olympic team for 2016 and 2020 will have been amongst the athletes taking part here, and for the top dogs there is selection for the imminent World Under 20 championships in Barcelona. It’s interesting to see how the endurance coaches and the sprint/power event coaches seem to inhabit separate universes when at the same track and field meeting. In summary, whenever there isn’t a track race of at least two laps taking place, the enduro folk use their time to eat, chat, go to the loo, grab a tea, text the real world going outside the meeting. The sprint and jump coaches only notice the existence of things lasting a maximum of 55 seconds, and sort out their own downtime activities while they see a load of skinny folk jogging around a track.

 I have a meeting with my national coach mentor where we go somewhere beyond my own comfort zone in biomechanics. If only I’d known some 35 years ago that dropping Physics at the earliest available chance would come back to haunt me in later life I may have reconsidered. Mind you, the teacher had some dodgy traits on the safeguarding front.