June 6 - Highgate Track 10,000s

This is wonderful stuff. Although the marathon is supposedy everyone's favourite sexy running distance, this coach has always been fascinated by the 10,000 metres on the track (notice my pointless pedantic expertise by not calling it 10k, that's for road races). 25 laps, each one the same, no moans about short courses, hills, incorrect mile markers, marshals sending you towards the Safeway toilets instead of the finish line.

It's a discipline that has gradually disappeared from the calendar for all but the elite, and rarely even for them, so it's great that Highgate Harriers have organised the event and even better that runners have taken up the invite to the extent that three races are needed. Even better, the track is thronging with coaches, friends and spectators. Temperatures by evening are just fine although the wind is stronger than ideal.  The runners respond very favourably, with hosts of PBs, and the athlete I coach clocks 32.25, pleasing as he's been a late addition to the field, and races just 4 days after a very hilly 54 minute 10 mile race in Surrey.