Autumn marathons – Phase One; October 5 2022

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October 5, 2022

Autumn marathons – Phase One; October 5 2022

A very diverse array of marathons this autumn, with coachees channeling their efforts across 14 marathons from late September to early December.    

You'll be spared the splits of all the highlights listed below, but the one incontovertible trend that the standout runs share is something very close to even pace throughout. 

Debutant Alex H kicked things off at Goodwood with a coveted 2.59. Nine months prior he was running just over 10 miles per week and was mainly cycling, albeit cycling quite hard, so had a gradual transition to reallocate more effort towards running.

In Berlin Ryan M ran a 12 minute PB of 3.23 in his second effort.

 On to London. First coachee home was George Suthon trimming his PB to a swift 2.28.01, whilst Will G ran solidly by his own outlying standards with 2.30 (age 47), including a freakish running off course by around 50 seconds in the final mile. Paul Piper ran a controlled 2m37 as a paced training run in his Valencia build up. Luke Browne took home a 4 minute PB with 2.45, slowed by a back injury as 2.40 beckoned.

 Particularly striking and delightful was an 11 minute PB of 3.31 by Gloria B, just shy of her 55th birthday, which caps a 39 minute gradual progression over 3 marathons since we started. Another major improver was Anglo Australian Deborah D , who shares this coach's year of birth, (which puts her some years beyond the human performance peak), but nevertheless hacked over 30 minutes off her last PB with a very well earned 4.10. Slightly further up the age scale, Clive A, now claiming a youthful 62, ran his usual sensible way and was rewarded with 3.18.

Running in Lyon concurrently as London was happening, Frank S ran a metronomic even 2.45 which swiped 9 minutes off his PB.


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