Summer PBs on Track and Road – 7 October 2019

The summer is invariably a marathon-free season as attention moves towards track and shorter endurance road races. Warm weather often means times are compromised but for those who find the right race at the right time, speedy results can happen.

Will Green had a tremendous season, setting UK leading times for his age (he turns 45 in December) of 10,000 30.50, in winning one of the support races at the mighty Highgate Night of 10,000s; a half marathon PB of 67.47 at Cardiff, and perhaps most exceptionally his 5000m mark of 14.35 which is the fastest ALL TIME by a UK 44 year old. He had some super supporting races too

Chris Oddy also made fine progress – his PBs over the season went down to 14.58 on the road at 5k, 15.13 in a track 5000 and a fine 67.16 at the Great North Run, placing 23rd in the loaded field.

 Martin O’C was another taking his PBs into new territory, on the track with a very evenly paced 32.07 at the Ladywell 10,000 and then at Cardiff Half a fine advance to 69.02, again showing the benefits of even pace.

Martin Green, another now-45 year old, continue to excel at the longer events, with a fast 1.56.05 to win the Lancaster 20 as he builds up to an autumn marathon, backed up by a swift 16.05 5k PB on the road.

Nick Impey, now Singapore based, clocked a PB in the Gold Coast Half Marathon, a few ticks over 70 minutes, and recently won the 18.45km (details of colonial history behind that race distance ) Straits Race in Singapore, taking home a 56 inch TV for his efforts.

Paul P has been on the PB trail too, with 32.03 in 2nd place at the Elmbridge 10k and 69.45 to take 3rd at the Maidenhead half.

 Fine female results and progress provided by the likes of Ahlem BenG with a PB of 85.13 at Maidenhead; Becky M clocking 37.50 at the Ashford 10k; Nathalie a big 10 minute PB of 91.57 at the Kingston half; Megan A taking her half marathon down to  94.28, a 3 minute advance.   Further up the age grades, Bob E set further absolute PBs in his 61st year- running the range from a swift 5.48 Mile, a 42 minute 10k to a 93 minute Half at Richmond.