7- 8 October 2011 European Athletics Association Endurance Conference at Heathrow

This was an interesting one. Firstly, it is the first time I’ve been in a conference room where the presenters are the same distance from the delegates as they are from the aeroplanes zipping past on the adjacent runway. It is that close. Fair play to the various Federations who set this up, and there is some excellent content, although it’s somewhat odd that not a single presenter has been drawn from mainland Europe, with the international flavour being provided by the legendary Jack Daniels from the USA and a couple of Canadians. Clearly the UK’s ‘special relationship’ with North America and lack of comfort with Europe covers the whole gamut from global diplomacy to helping runners go a bit faster.

Daniels is in excellent droll form and has a hugely varied coaching life, with Olympic athletics and get-me-round newcomers being given the same principles of coaching wisdom and knowledge, albeit the Olympians’ weekly training mileage may well have an extra zero .

Car parking fees for the day could feed a Kenyan runner for about three weeks though the Hotel Finance Manager probably hasn’t necessarily made the link.