Coaching service

Runner Profile

The usual starting point is asking you to complete thoroughly the Runner Questionnaire. This gives a holistic picture of where you are as a runner. It is valuable to spend this time at the outset, so that the programme starts off from a fully informed position.

Induction and Goal Setting

Ideally the induction will include a thorough face to face meeting and a chance to actually watch you running, if that is practical. This usually lasts about 80-90 minutes and is backed up by a through personalised email debrief shortly afterwards. I was canny enough to be the first in the niche world of UK running coaching to use '1to1' but not canny enough to stop others from copying it.

It helps the planning process if you can identify an event at least 12 weeks later, and ideally around 26 weeks, as a personal goal, and we'll consider, whatever your level of fitness, a realistic target for that event. We will also discuss suitable milestone events en route to the target race and will suggest suitable options if you wish. This provides the framework for each monthly programme.

Ongoing Communication
There is a choice of feedback and contact options, mainly by email and phone, and unlike many, there are no 'gold/silver/bronze' type packages. Experienced thorough coaching is experienced thorough coaching, not determined by how much a runner is paying for a good service. I do my best for you. The details will vary as individuals vary; and indeed may well vary for the same individual over time.

Each athlete is an experiment of one. In the real world runners will occasionally be injured or ill; they change jobs, have children and life can be unpredictable. Experience suggests that this is often when a coach is most helpful, advising, strictly in the context of any relevant medical advice that the runner receives and shares, a suitable cross training programme so that the fitness built up through running can largely be maintained by alternative training methods.

Prices are as follows:

Induction - a thorough holistic meeting, face to face, including , feedback from questionnaire, analysis of running movement and backed up by detailed email debrief  - £110 (payable in cash at the end of the induction meeting)

Monthly training schedules and ongoing advice £76 pcm by monthly standing order. Fee is pro rata'd if there is a specific target date eg a start date of 1 December for the London marathon in April would be charged accordingly. The first month's training programme is usually sent as an addition to the debrief.

A one off consultation comprising induction meeting including analysis of running movement; thorough individualised debrief and training recommendations  is £130 (payable at the end of the meeting).
Can be used as a birthday or Christmas present.